Community Resources

Curated lists from the organizers of Code Seoul

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This is a list of top notch resources for developers, from breaking news, to tools and repos to make developing more developer friendly.

Josie D., Full Stack

"The best resources are the ones that can help you learn without holding your hand too much. These are some of my frequently visited sites to check how to make something work or to get some ideas."

Alex O., Software Architect

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Beege, Software Architect

"Reading is only the beginning. Find a community to support you. This stuff is hard, but you can do it! That said, there are great resources for getting started."

Ben S., Full Stack

"I like the whole stack, normally I write front to back. Here are some of my favorite sites for developing or just seeing what's going on in the tech world."

Resources Created by CodeSeoul

The below links are to our class presentations. In each presentation, you can find links to code examples and video recordings of the class.

One-off Workshops

Java Course

  1. Intro to Java
  2. Variables and Methods
  3. Conditions and Loops
  4. Intro to Object Oriented Programming
  5. Collections and Inheritance
  6. Interfaces and Exceptions
  7. Abstract and Static